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An honest end-of-year rundown (Ep. 518)


December 16, 2022

Mastadon, holographic wormholes, and AI the writes comedy and code.

An honest end-of-year rundown (Ep. 518)

It’s that time of year again. We’re heading towards the end with a new beginning around the corner. Something we’ll probably remember about December 2022 is all the interesting tech that’s catching on. On today’s podcast, Ben Popper and Matt Kiernander take a brain-break  from their work lives at Stack Overflow to reflect on it all…and whether or not we 👍 it.

Episode notes:

Ben asks Matt to explain Mastodon to him like he’s five. Matt says the experience feels a lot like…LinkedIn?

Matt explains that he took social media apps off his phone for a while…just to chill out. (Ed. note, they’re already back on.)

We cover the latest AI to emerge that can write essays, jokes, and yes, some code.

While everyone’s confused about the state of social media and AI chat, physicists have created a wormhole using a quantum computer. (Though it may have been a publicity stunt.)

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Shout out to Lifeboat Badge winner ralf htp for their answer to the question ‘how to listen for and react to Ace Editor change events.’ Your answer has helped more than 20,000+ people, so rock on.

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