Researchers Warn of Cyber Criminals Using Go-based Aurora Stealer Malware

A nascent Go-based malware known as Aurora Stealer is being increasingly deployed as part of campaigns designed to steal sensitive information from compromised hosts. “These infection chains leveraged phishing pages impersonating download pages of legitimate software, including cryptocurrency wallets or remote access tools, and the 911 method making use of YouTube videos and SEO-poised fake […]

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Notorious Emotet Malware Returns With High-Volume Malspam Campaign

The notorious Emotet malware has returned with renewed vigor as part of a high-volume malspam campaign designed to drop payloads like IcedID and Bumblebee. “Hundreds of thousands of emails per day” have been sent since early November 2022, enterprise security company Proofpoint said last week, adding, “the new activity suggests Emotet is returning to its […]

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Been Doing It The Same Way For Years? Think Again.

As IT professionals, we all reach a certain point in our IT career where we realize that some of our everyday tasks are done the same way year after year without anyone questioning why it’s done that way. Despite the constant change and improvement in technology, some things just get done the same ineffective way […]

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