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Frequently Asked Questions

Home & Business Internet service provider and business solutions partner. Here are a few questions that you might have for us.

No! You'll be able to get your E.D.A stream account by registering with our customer representatives. The advantage of getting a stream account while being an internet subscriber is that you get the 1st month FREE.

The Installation cost is FREE if the client has their own equipment i.e, a router, a network receiver and a mounting pole. If the client doesn't have the equipment, the installation cost is around 12,000 for purchase of the needed equipment. NOTE: The purchased equipment is the client's property.

Yes! We offer customised package plans to suit our clients needs. The maximum bandwith package that we can offer is 100Mbps. Prices are calculated to suit both the company and the client.

It's quite simple. All you need to do is get in touch with our customer representatives and he/she will ask you a few questions to be able to come up with a pocket friendly quote for you and help our developers customise the website to your exact needs.

Yes! It is possible to monitor your CCTV from anywhere in the world. For all CCTV installations we do, we also give the client a FREE TFT screen for in premises CCTV monitoring. A power back up is also installed on customer's request.

A computer programmer is responsible for designing and testing computer structures, coding and debugging, troubleshooting system errors, writing computer instructions, managing database systems, maintaining operating systems, editing source-code, analyzing algorithms, and providing tech support.

A programmer will construct, maintain and streamline your business’s computer systems and programs helping your business increase efficiency and service. They will design programs that are customized to your organisation’s needs, enhance cost-effictiveness of your systems and resolve occuring errors.

A motions and graphics designer is an essential professional to have on hand. They will help you design company material such as logos, business cards, letterheads and create visual content to be shared on your blog and social media channels. They will also arrange copy on your newsletters and reports, company booklets and brochures and design company merchandise.

A blog will increase your business’s visibility. Updating your blog on a regular basis helps your business rank higher on search engines driving organic traffic to your website. One way to strengthen SEO is by having an updated blog. Write about your products, recent happenings in your industry, activities your company has had and answer frequently asked questions.

Social media provides businesses with direct access to existing and potential customers. By harnessing social media channels, you can get to know your customer, receive feedback and grow a fan-base. When you engage your audience regularly, you create brand loyalty making it easier to drive traffic to your products and services. It will also make your company the first port of call when the customer is looking for that product and/or service.

Whether you’re building, upgrading or expanding your IT infrastructure, your company will need an IT specialist. Since many of these are one-off jobs, it makes more business sense to hire an external IT specialist who will come in, evaluate your needs, advise on the best course of action and link you to the right service providers.

Data shows that hackers are now targeting upcoming businesses as well so every business with a digital space needs to be hack proof hence protecting day-to-day operations and customer data

Yes! We provide web hosting and systems hosting services with yearly payments of ksh 3000/= This service enables customers to access their businesses and websites from anywhere in the world.

In order for you to make money from your website, people need to know about it and the services/products that you offer. Hence digital marketing becomes a necessity. GEt in touch with our customer representatives for more information about our digital marketing services.

We are always welcoming new members to our team to enable sell our products and services. To join our team, simply get in touch with our customer support.

To check your Internet account status, simply login with the details sent to you via e-mail through the customer portal. You can also view bandwidth data usage and enable/disable your internet connection through yor portal.

A computer programmer can troubleshoot and resolve a variety of errors. Computer errors occur from when you open it to when you get a standby window. They include boot error, neverending loading of the operating system, numerous pop-up windows on standby mode, keyboard and mouse system restart, etc. Operating system errors include runtime errors, system errors, device manager errors, stop errors, and POST code errors.

An interesting logo will appeal to customers, attracting them to your business. Customised graphics give your business a professional feel, consistency and uniformity across all your communication channels. Graphic design will establish your brand’s visual identity keeping in mind your company’s vision and goals. With higher visibility, you are bound to attract more clients to buy your goods and services.

Graphic design lays the foundation for developing a comprehensive brand strategy. From designing a logo that customers associate with the company to creating illustrations for company use in communicating with their audience. It enhances user experience by converting large amounts of text into graphics and videos, making it easier for your customers to consume.

Everyone is going digital. Use of traditional media has greatly reduced and more and more people have embraced the internet and spend more time there. Digital marketing will expose your business to a larger audience. You will be able to tailor your marketing campaigns towards a specific audience. Reaching a larger audience will result in more business for your company.

Content marketing includes creating and distributing consistent, relevant and valuable information to a defined audience. Content here includes educational material, entertainment, videos, photos, webinars, all about your company and its activities. A good content marketing plan should grow brand loyalty which can then be converted into paying customers.

The biggest cyber security threats that businesses face include phishing attacks, data leakage, malware and ransomware, weak passwords, and insider threats.

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