Optimizing Virtual Memory on Linux

Virtual memory is one of the most essential elements of an operating system (OS). Linux virtual memory works differently than other OS. Linux virtual memory uses different techniques, such as copy-on-write, demand paging, and page aging in order to improve performance by offloading redundant or unnecessary processes from the disk. This article will explain how […]

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Chris’ Corner: Baseline – CodePen Blog

At this latest Google I/O, Rachel Andrew introduced a new concept they are spearheading called Baseline. It’s a visual thing to help developers understand browser support for features better. Here’s one: It’s not a Google-owned-website only thing, as you can see here on an MDN page. It’s essentially a simplified browser support chart, featuring only […]

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Key Benefits & Top 3 Solutions

Editor’s note: Andrew describes account management software benefits and provides a brief overview of the three most reliable software solutions. If you are looking for an efficient way to manage all aspects of your sales accounts via one integrated system, contact ScienceSoft for CRM development services or book a meeting with our experienced CRM consultants. […]

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3 zero-days fixed, so be sure to patch now! – Naked Security

Remember that zipped-lipped but super-fast update that Apple pushed out three weeks ago, on 2023-05-01? That update was the very first in Apple’s newfangled Rapid Security Response process, whereby the company can push out critical patches for key system components without going through a full-size operating system update that takes you to a new version […]

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IBM wants drag-and-drop connectivity for hybrid cloud applications

IBM is developing a SaaS package to help enterprises securely network heterogenous environments, including edge, on-prem and multicloud resources. The IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh is a SaaS service that implements a virtualized Layer 3-7 environment to rapidly enable secure connectivity between users, applications, and data distributed across multiple locations and environments, according to Andrew Coward, […]

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Scale your SEO writing with this AI-powered tool for Google Sheets

Save time on your keyword research so you can focus on your message. Image: Stack Commerce Online content marketing is one of the most budget-friendly marketing options available to businesses. After all, Google is free — it’s just competitive. That’s why search engine optimization is so important for companies. It’s an effective, practically free way […]

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