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How to get rid of unneeded files on Linux

Using the rmdir command The rmdir command will remove a directory, but only if it’s empty. To remove the directory and its contents, you need to use a recursive command like that shown below. Recursive rm The rm command can be used with an option that allows you to remove an entire directory with a […]

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Base Operations raises $9.1 million to boost global threat intelligence

AuditBoard’s self-assessment tools allow audit teams to maintain focus on their critical work

AuditBoard launched of out-of-the-box (OOTB) self-assessment tools that enable internal auditors to easily assess and streamline conformance with the new Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Global Internal Audit Standards (“Standards”) that go into effect January 9th, 2025. These new capabilities are immediately available within AuditBoard’s top-rated Audit Management Solution, which benefits from the powerful and […]

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What Is Cloud Penetration Testing & Why Is It Important?

Semperis Employees per Company Size Micro (0-49), Small (50-249), Medium (250-999), Large (1,000-4,999), Enterprise (5,000+) Large (1,000-4,999 Employees), Enterprise (5,000+ Employees) Large, Enterprise Features Advanced Attacks Detection, Advanced Automation, Anywhere Recovery, and more In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, cloud security has emerged as a critical concern for organizations worldwide. Yet cloud security is sometimes […]

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Lineaje Awarded Contract by the Department of the US Air Force

PRESS RELEASE Lineaje, a leader in continuous software supply chain security management, today announced that Lineaje SBOM360 has been selected by the Department of the U.S. Air Force’s (DAF) for a Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Phase 1 contract. As the industry’s first software supply chain and software bill of materials (SBOM) manager, SBOM360 will automate the […]

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Beyond the usual suspects: 5 fresh data science tools to try today

Serdar Yegulalp is a senior writer at InfoWorld, covering software development and operations tools, machine learning, containerization, and reviews of products in those categories. Before joining InfoWorld, Serdar wrote for the original Windows Magazine, InformationWeek, the briefly resurrected Byte, and a slew of other publications. When he’s not covering IT, he’s writing SF and fantasy […]

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Schneider Electric shares liquid cooling guidelines

Most enterprise data centers have gotten by just fine by air cooling their CPUs and servers, but AI is forcing IT to consider new cooling types, including liquid cooling. With power draws for CPUs hitting 400 watts and GPUs hitting 700 watts, air cooling is simply not sufficient for the extremely hot-running, power-hungry chips used […]

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Hawaii Passes Law Preventing Controversial Deep-Sea Mining

Opposition to deep seabed mining which threatens the environment, a subsea fiber optic communications subsea cables got a shot in the arm this week when Hawaii’s Governor Josh Green signed a bill into law prohibiting the mining, extraction, and the removal of minerals in the state’s waters. The flashpoint issue comes as most countries have […]

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The State of Ransomware in Education 2024 – Sophos News

Sophos’ latest annual study of the real-world ransomware experiences of educational organizations explores how ransomware’s impact has evolved in the last four years. It focuses on the full victim journey, from attack rate and root cause to operational impact and business outcomes. This year’s report explores new areas of study for the sector, including an […]

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Palo Alto Networks Patches Critical Flaw in Expedition Migration Tool

Jul 11, 2024NewsroomVulnerability / Enterprise Security Palo Alto Networks has released security updates to address five security flaws impacting its products, including a critical bug that could lead to an authentication bypass. Cataloged as CVE-2024-5910 (CVSS score: 9.3), the vulnerability has been described as a case of missing authentication in its Expedition migration tool that […]

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How to Know When It’s Time to Bring in a Network Consultant

Today’s network managers face technology and operational challenges that few expected when they signed on for the job. A single misguided decision or oversight can rapidly lead to financial and, ultimately, career disaster. That’s why a growing number of leaders facing a complex technology or security issue are turning to external advisors for insight and […]

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