Pwning the Windows kernel – the crooks who hoodwinked Microsoft [Audio + Text] – Naked Security

DOUG.  Wireless spyware, credit card skimming, and patches galore. All that, and more, on the Naked Security podcast. [MUSICAL MODEM] Welcome to the podcast, everybody. I am Doug Aamoth; he is Paul Ducklin. Paul, how do you do? DUCK.  I’m very well, Doug. Cold, but well. DOUG.  It’s freezing here too, and everyone is sick… but that’s December […]

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Apple Faces Critics Over Its Privacy Policies

Apple presents itself as a white knight on the subject of privacy, but critics say its own advertising ambitions are built on anti-competitive practices.  Two developers going by the name ‘Mysk’ claimed last month that Apple was tracking users’ every tap on the App Store, with no way of disabling the function.  A class action […]

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