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Why to Choose Dot Net for Enterprise App Development?

Why to Choose Dot Net for Enterprise App Development?

Software application development has become a new mainstay for enterprises to grow, scale, and surge ahead of the competition. However, successful development results from iterative processes, advanced technology stack leverage, and innovative thinking.

From a statistical view, .NET development has widespread influence and is used by 12% of the total enterprise application development that ranks in the top 100,000. This suggests that this trend will continue in the future. A glimpse into the future clearly shows that the .NET framework is a go-to option for enterprise application development.

In addition to impressive figures, look at the brief overview of .NET and the reasons determining the driving force behind .NET leverage for enterprise application development.

A quick overview of .NET

NET is a modular framework developed by Microsoft that facilitates cross-platform development platforms for engineering enterprise applications. The framework supports IoT, mobile, and cloud-based solution development that can run natively on any OS because of the built-in support for multiple languages such as C#, F#, C++, and Visual Basic, libraries, and tools.

The .NET Framework’s integrated development environment- Microsoft Visual Studio and CLI provides a language-neutral platform for application development and execution. The support for scalability, high performance, and modern features make enterprise app developers choose .NET for custom enterprise application development. Thereby, Dot NET leverage ensures enterprise applications perform as expected, guarantees the addition of features when required, and data security.

Ten reasons why .NET is an ideal choice for enterprise application development

Thinking beyond the normal is essential to cut through the noise. So is the case with DOT NET framework selection for enterprise application development. Let’s check out the reasons to choose .NET platform for your next development project.

Support from the tech giant

.NET is a Microsoft product. The consistent investment of Microsoft in .NET development and subsequent improvements ensures regular updates, stability, and continuous support. It helps enterprises add new features, improve security, add enhancements, and keep the software up-to-date.

Microsoft also facilitates documentation, tutorials, and access to the .NET developer community that helps developers get required assistance and troubleshoot issues effortlessly. The compatibility for older versions of .NET ensures the longevity of enterprise software projects as the solutions built on older versions are seamlessly migrated to newer versions.

Available for free

.NET is an open-source technology available for free to leverage for application development for enterprises. The open-source nature allows enterprises to save money on development costs and provides a lot of room for .Net developers to innovate. The capability to modify the architecture ensures the application’s compatibility with the IT infrastructure. DOT NET applications run smoothly, irrespective of server or hardware component updates.

Delivers exceptional performance

Speed is an integral part of enterprise app development, wherein Microsoft’s .NET technology selection is the best option.  Dot NET facilitates JIT compilation that converts code execution into machine instructions in real time for optimization. This turbocharged execution introduces dynamism that further helps process complex tasks at an accelerated pace.

.NET features caching that stores frequently accessed data and reduces the number of redundant calculations and delays in providing responses. Thereby, caching enables lightning-fast data processing that improves app performance. Excellence in garbage collection, resource utilization, and memory management ensures the best management of resources, even while handling massive amounts of data.

Hassle-free integrations

JavaScript technology plays a vital role in user-facing app development. The .NET framework provides built-in templates of JS frameworks- Angular and React. It enables businesses to harness the potential of JS technology within the .NET development environment. The JS infrastructure especially allows for building the front end of the enterprise application seamlessly.

.NET integrates well with Microsoft technologies such as SQL server database for secure data storage, Azure cloud services for scalable cloud hosting, and others that enable leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft technologies within the .NET development environment.

Hassle-free integration of third-party APIs such as HR operations, accounting, marketing, and others with .NET frees developers from creating the functionalities from scratch. It lets them focus on building apps quickly. Such feature-rich applications keep the customers engaged and deliver the best experiences.

Enable cross-platform development

Not all enterprises use the same operating systems and digital devices as a part of digital operations, processes, and workflow. Even diverse types of OSs and devices are used within a single enterprise, increasing the time for enterprise software development. .NET helps enterprises eliminate this problem with support for cross-platform development.

The cross-platform compatibility ensures .NET solutions run flawlessly on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and MacOS devices. Fulfilling the need for cross-platform application development helps enterprises increase reach to target users cost-effectively.

Build any application

.NET provides a wide range of components such as .NET languages (Visual Basic, C#, C++, and JavaScript), .NET frameworks, Visual Studio, and UI. The support for multiple languages from Visual Studio ensures data type differences between languages won’t create any problems. That’s why .NET provides limitless opportunities for various types of enterprise app development.

ERP, CRM, AI-based, mobile, game, eCommerce, healthcare, intranet system, logistics, social media, and financial are some of the use cases of .NET technology.

Facilitate scalability and flexibility

The gradual growth of enterprises created a need for scalable technology that .NET meets optimally. .NET powered by Microsoft giant is getting mature, stable, and meeting the need for next-gen app development with continuous improvements. .NET allows enterprises to add new functionalities with a few changes to the existing software application and without impacting its performance.

The flexibility to integrate third-party APIs, Microsoft solutions, and other applications helps enterprises scale the software in reduced time and effort.

Ensure robust security

From its inception, the.NET framework has provided unbreachable data security. Enterprises often face application malfunctioning or breach of data concerns during traffic peaks. .NET builds and creates security integration around the apps with real-time encryption and code access security to keep the data intact from hackers.

The mechanism to protect the app from DDoS attacks, injection attacks, unauthorized login, and other security threats makes the security commitment from .NET true.

Compliance with industry standards

The worldwide adoption of .NET for enterprise app development showcases the extensive framework utilization due to its compatibility, versatility, and scalability. Cisco, Intel, Hitachi, and even Microsoft use the .NET framework for technological infrastructure and optimizing business operations. Additionally, the compliance with industry regulations, standards, and other compliances that .NET technology enables is excellent.

Whether you are building enterprise application software for a financial organization, healthcare organization, or others, .NET frameworks enable compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and other regulations that help enterprises stay compliant.

Reduces development cost

.NET is an open-source framework provided by Microsoft for scalable enterprise application development. The open-source nature doesn’t require enterprises to pay anything for a license or subscription. Moreover, the updates rolled out by Microsoft are free, reducing maintenance costs. All in all, .NET leverage for enterprise software development lowers the investment for enterprises.

Do you find .NET best for your next enterprise solution?

Business leaders have availed a wide range of benefits with .NET, which ensures it’s a complete solution to all enterprise application development requirements. Irrespective of the size of the enterprise, the framework offers versatility, scalability, compatibility, and security features that make it an ideal choice for SMBs and large-sized enterprises. The huge community support, extensive libraries, and several tools available with .NET are stupendous.

Why to Choose Dot Net for Enterprise App Development?Why to Choose Dot Net for Enterprise App Development?

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