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Week in review: Apache Struts vulnerability exploit attempt, EOL Sophos firewalls get hotfix

Week in review: Apache Struts vulnerability exploit attempt, EOL Sophos firewalls get hotfix

Week in review: Apache Struts vulnerability exploit attempt, EOL Sophos firewalls get hotfix

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, articles, interviews and videos:

SCS 9001 2.0 reveals enhanced controls for global supply chains
In this Help Net Security interview, Mike Regan, VP of Business Performance at TIA, discusses SCS 9001 Release 2.0, a certifiable standard crafted to assist organizations in operationalizing the NIST and other government guidelines and frameworks.

Balancing AI advantages and risks in cybersecurity strategies
In this Help Net Security interview, Matt Holland, CEO of Field Effect, discusses achieving a balance for businesses between the advantages of using AI in their cybersecurity strategies and the risks posed by AI-enhanced cyber threats.

Nemesis: Open-source offensive data enrichment and analytic pipeline
Nemesis is a centralized data processing platform that ingests, enriches, and performs analytics on offensive security assessment data (i.e., data collected during penetration tests and red team engagements).

ThreatNG open-source datasets aim to improve cybersecurity practices
The ThreatNG Governance and Compliance Dataset is an open-source initiative that aims to democratize access to critical data, fostering transparency, collaboration, and improvement of cybersecurity practices globally.

“Pool Party” process injection techniques evade EDRs
SafeBreach researchers have discovered eight new process injection techniques that can be used to covertly execute malicious code on Windows systems.

Recruiters, beware of cybercrooks posing as job applicants!
Recruiters are being targeted via spear-phishing emails sent by cybercrooks impersonating job applicants, Proofpoint researchers are warning.

December 2023 Patch Tuesday: 33 fixes to wind the year down
Microsoft’s December 2023 Patch Tuesday is a light one: 33 patches, only four of which are deemed critical.

EOL Sophos firewalls get hotfix for old but still exploited vulnerability (CVE-2022-3236)
Over a year has passed since Sophos delivered patches for a vulnerability affecting Sophos Firewalls (CVE-2022-3236) that was being actively exploited by attackers, and now they have pushed additional ones to protect vulnerable EOL devices.

Attackers are trying to exploit Apache Struts vulnerability (CVE-2023-50164)
Attackers are trying to leverage public proof-of-exploit (PoC) exploit code for CVE-2023-50164, the recently patched path traversal vulnerability in Apache Struts 2.

Many popular websites still cling to password creation policies from 1985
A significant number of popular websites still allow users to choose weak or even single-character passwords, researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have found.

Lazarus exploit Log4Shell vulnerability to deliver novel RAT malware
North Korea-backed group Lazarus has been spotted exploiting the Log4Shell vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) and novel malware written in DLang (i.e., the memory-safe D programming language).

Attackers abuse OAuth apps to initiate large-scale cryptomining and spam campaigns
Attackers are compromising high-privilege Microsoft accounts and abusing OAuth applications to launch a variety of financially-motivated attacks.

Russian hackers target unpatched JetBrains TeamCity servers
Russian state-sponsored hackers have been exploiting CVE-2023-42793 to target unpatched, internet-facing JetBrains TeamCity servers since September 2023, US, UK and Polish cybersecurity and law enforcement authorities have warned.

Why are IT professionals not automating?
There are many use cases for certificate automation, and each organization has unique needs based on their infrastructure, knowledge, and certificate usage. However, there are actions you can take to plan your automation and as part of your regular cybersecurity hygiene check.

A closer look at LATMA, the open-source lateral movement detection tool
In this Help Net Security video, Gal Sadeh, Head of Data and Security Research at Silverfort, discusses LATMA, a free, open-source tool.

Cybercriminals continue targeting open remote access products
Cybercriminals still prefer targeting open remote access products, or like to leverage legitimate remote access tools to hide their malicious actions, according to WatchGuard.

eIDAS: EU’s internet reforms will undermine a decade of advances in online security
The European Union’s attempt to reform its electronic identification and trust services – a package of laws better known as eIDAS 2.0 – contains legislation that poses a grave threat to online privacy and security.

Staying ahead in 2024 with top cybersecurity predictions
What will 2024 hold for the cybersecurity landscape? In this Help Net Security video, Steve Cobb, CISO at SecurityScorecard, offers his take on what professionals can expect next year.

Security automation gains traction, prompting a “shift everywhere” philosophy
The use of automated security technology is growing rapidly, which in turn is propagating the “shift everywhere” philosophy – performing security tests throughout the entire software development life cycle – across more organizations, according to Synopsys.

Shifting data protection regulations show why businesses must put privacy at their core
Like it or not, data protection will be one of the biggest issues organizations face in 2024.

WhatsApp, Slack, Teams, and other messaging platforms face constant security risks
42% of businesses report employees with BYOD devices in business settings that use tools like WhatsApp have led to new security incidents, according to SafeGuard Cyber.

Digital ops and ops management security predictions for 2024
CISOs don’t need a crystal ball – they already know that 2024 will be another tough year, especially with AI at everyone’s mind. I

Fortifying cyber defenses: A proactive approach to ransomware resilience
Ransomware has become a pervasive threat, compromising the security and functionality of vital systems across the United States.

Guide: Application security posture management deep dive
Distinguishing real, business-critical application risks is more challenging than ever. A siloed, ad hoc approach to AppSec generates noisy false positives that overwhelm under-resourced security teams.

Photos: CyberMarketingCon 2023
Help Net Security sponsored and attended Cybersecurity Marketing Society’s CyberMarketingCon 2023 in Austin, TX.

New infosec products of the week: December 15, 2023
Here’s a look at the most interesting products from the past week, featuring releases from Censys, Confirm, Drata, Safe Security, and SpecterOps.

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