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Unlocking Higher Education: AI Improves Student Experience, Institutional Excellence

Unlocking Higher Education: AI Improves Student Experience, Institutional Excellence

Over the past two years, institutions of higher education (IHEs) have undergone a tremendous amount of change. The future is more uncertain than ever. To prepare for the future, today’s institutional leaders must navigate the complexities of hybrid-first learning and operations to create flexible, high-quality digital experiences.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a leading focus of IT investment for higher education leaders with the aim of enhancing the student experience, improving the financial health of their organization, and driving institutional excellence. But without a network capable of meeting these expectations and IT staff equipped to manage this complex IT landscape, institutions risk delivering a poor end-user experience.

AI has proven tremendously valuable to higher education institutions over the past two years, but siloed use cases fail to help institutions realize the full potential of this emerging technology. For example, institutions across the world have turned to AI-powered chatbots to answer student’s frequently asked questions or enable always-on self-service resources for students. These chatbots helped to enable real-time engagement with students and helped institutions like Georgia State decrease “summer melt” by more than 20% while increasing student engagement.

While AI use cases such as these have proven highly beneficial, their ceiling is much greater when deployed on a larger scale – from the back office to the lecture hall and everywhere in between. However, to truly benefit from AI, higher education leaders must move toward applicability on a broader, more impactful scale.

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