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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Nonprofits: Features and Benefits

Editor’s note: Andrew reviews specific features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and provides reasons for nonprofits to implement this software. If you want to win new supporters and encourage them to stay with you for long, we are ready to show you how the technology can help with that, and invite you to consider our Dynamics consulting services.

Dynamics 365 for nonprofits

Key Functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Nonprofits

Supporter data centralization. Essential supporter data (such as personal and contact details, communication methods, donations made) is centralized in personal profiles which can be easily viewed, updated, and managed.

Donor management. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides means to track donor interactions, donation history, and preferences to better understand and inspire actual supporters and cultivate long-term relationships with prospective donors.

Event management. Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps improve fundraising efficiency by segmenting donors for event attendee lists, setting event budgets and donation goals, sending personalized invitations and reminders by email, arranging event bookings, registering donations made.

Donation tracking. Nonprofits can properly document and track donations pinned to specific donors and fundraising initiatives.

Volunteer management. By keeping volunteer records in Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can assign volunteers to initiatives based on their skills, training and availability.

Case management. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, nonprofits’ staff and volunteers can handle help requests and issues of their donators and beneficiaries.

Reporting. With real-time interactive dashboards, nonprofits can leverage meaningful insights into the behavior and engagement trends of their supporters. This helps assess the impact of their initiatives and prioritize future activities.

Manage Your Nonprofit Activities Effectively with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Would you like to manage your donor pipeline and engage new supporters with an all-in-one CRM solution? ScienceSoft is ready to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 tailored to the specific needs of your nonprofit organization.

How Nonprofits Win with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Data flow unification. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, nonprofits can consolidate data on their supporters, fundraising efforts, donations, and financial operations. It helps eliminate information silos between teams and branches.

360-degree view of stakeholders. Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps manage the entire donor, volunteer, and beneficiary data and interaction history. Having a comprehensive view of their stakeholders, nonprofits can enhance supporter experience and maximize donations.

Workflow automation. Email campaigning, event management, donor recognition, and other business processes can be automated in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to save time and let the staff focus on tasks that require a human touch.

Integrations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft products such as Power BI to leverage in-depth insights and data visualizations, Power Apps to build custom low- or no-code applications, and Power Automate to create automated workflows.

Data security. Microsoft Dynamics 365 leverages integrated security tools that help keep nonprofits’ data safe by detecting threats, preventing cyberattacks, and handling data breaches.

Make a Greater Difference with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics for nonprofits provides you with tools to maintain your relationships with existing supporters and cultivate new donors, manage and assess fundraising activities, and streamline donation processes. If you are looking for a way to become more supporter-centric, reach out to ScienceSoft’s expert team. We will build, customize, and fine-tune a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution to accelerate your mission’s success.

Are you planning to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 or experiencing troubles with your existing solution? Our experts are ready to address your challenge. 

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