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Digi International updates SkyCloud features for industrial monitoring and control solutions

Digi International updates SkyCloud features for industrial monitoring and control solutions

Digi International has released the latest version of Digi SkyCloud, a solution for monitoring, analyzing and controlling field data. The 23.5 update of SkyCloud introduces a range of new features, giving users effortless systems integrations with remote monitoring and control solutions — delivering flexibility and optimal efficiency, making it ideal for industrial, agricultural and environmental industries.

Company administrators can now better manage their deployment and user base. At the forefront of this release are the introduction of REST APIs and the ability to deploy device configurations across groups of devices. Additional key highlights from the latest SkyCloud release include an intuitive user interface and improved user experience. With a modern look and feel, SkyCloud now offers improved search and filter functionality, a quick view tile page with user-organized device status, and user roles management for company administrators.

“By giving SkyCloud a facelift and further integrating the platform with Digi Connect Sensor+ and Z45 Industrial Controllers, we’re providing our customers with an unparalleled level of data reliability, operational predictability and actionable insights,” said Brian Kirkendall, GM and SVP of Infrastructure Management at Digi.

“Powered by reliable data and user-friendly features, these solutions empower our customers to efficiently manage, monitor and control their industrial assets, enhancing visibility and intelligence in all their operations,” Kirkendall continued.

This latest cloud update emphasizes Digi’s long-standing dedication to delivering comprehensive solutions for industrial monitoring and control across various sectors, including water management, precision agriculture and environmental compliance.

Introduced in early 2023, Digi Connect Sensor+ coupled with SkyCloud provides companies with seamless data collection and visualization capabilities for remote field data. Within minutes, organizations can configure sensors, establish threshold alarms, and gain valuable visual insights, enabling the rapid deployment of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) capabilities in just a matter of days.

Digi International took ownership of the SkyCloud platform as part of its acquisition of Ctek in 2021.

“On the tail of the Ctek acquisition, we made a concerted effort to invest in monitoring and control solutions, and the latest SkyCloud release is another exciting step in our focused path forward,” Kirkendall added. “We’re excited about the SkyCloud roadmap and the new features that will be rolling out in the quarters to come.”

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