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Cisco Enterprise Infrastructure (EI) Blueprint

Cisco Enterprise Infrastructure (EI) Blueprint

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure is a lot of work, and using a structured approach is important. Our course is designed to build knowledge progressively, starting with foundational concepts and advancing to more complex topics. For example:

  • Layer 2 technologies:
    • Interfaces
    • VLANs
    • Spanning tree
    • Etherchannel
  • Layer 3 technologies:
    • IPv4
    • IPv6
    • Routing protocols
  • Network services
  • Security
  • Etc.

However, we understand that many students prefer to use the Cisco official blueprint as a guideline and may wish to customize their study order. To accommodate this, we created an Airtable base with all items on the blueprint mapped to different lessons. You can find it here:

Airtable Base NWL Cisco CCIE IE Blueprint to Lessons

January 2024: I am currently working on mapping everything. This should be done in a week or two.

Here is an example of how everything is mapped:

Cisco Enterprise Infrastructure (EI) Blueprint

Each item on the blueprint is mapped to one of these four options:

  • Category
  • Sub-category
  • Topic
  • Sub-topic

This feature makes it easy to track your progress, focus on areas that require more attention, and tailor your study plan according to your needs. Following the recommended study order or creating a personalized plan should help you study effectively.

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