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Cisco adds AI features to AppDynamics On-Premises

Cisco has added AI features to its AppDynamics observability platform that promise to help customers more quickly detect anomalies, identify performance problems, and resolve issues across the enterprise. The new features will be implemented in a virtual appliance, available this month, for Cisco AppDynamics On-Premises, which gives customers the ability to see and manage their entire application stack, including application code, runtime, infrastructure (servers, databases, networks, VMs, containers), and user experience.

AppDynamics On-Premises includes integration with Cisco’s Secure Application package, which can monitor for application vulnerabilities and threats across services, workloads, pods, containers, and business transactions. This allows for real-time identification and blocking of attacks, according to Cisco.

The new virtual appliance includes an AI-based detection and remediation capability that learns and detects anomalies and can determine root causes in application performance issues, wrote Aaron Schifman, senior technical product marketing manager at Cisco AppDynamics, in a blog about the news. The package combines threat detection, threat intelligence and business impact to create a composite risk score that identifies which threats must be addressed first based on likely business impact, Schifman stated.

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