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ALPHV/BlackCat Takedown Appears to Be Law Enforcement Related

ALPHV/BlackCat Takedown Appears to Be Law Enforcement Related

A Dark Web leak site known to be operated by the notorious ransomware group APLHV/BlackCat was taken offline on Dec. 7 and now threat intelligence experts have confirmed the outage is part of law enforcement action against the group.

RedSense Intelligence posted on social media that it “can confirm that #ALPHV aka BlackCat ransomware gang’s site has been taken down by law enforcement,” on Dec. 8.

Dark Reading has not been able to independently verify law enforcement is behind the BlackCat/ALPHV site takedown.

Since it first emerged in November 2021, BlackCat/ALPHV has listed more than 650 companies on its leak site.

Law enforcement has come under scrutiny for not taking more aggressive action against BlackCat/ALPHV affiliates like Scattered Spider, a ransomware group behind brazen cyberattacks against MGM Resorts, Caesars, and more.

On Nov. 16, the FBI and CISA released a joint advisory about Scattered Spider, noting the group uses BlackCat/ALPHV ransomware for their cybercrimes.

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