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A closer look at Apiiro's SHINE partner program

A closer look at Apiiro’s SHINE partner program

In this Help Net Security video, Adam LaGreca, Founder of 10KMedia, sat down with John Leon, VP of Partnerships at Apiiro, discusses the company’s new technology partner program SHINE. The name stands for the program’s guiding principles – Seamless, Holistic, Integrated, Vendor-Neutral, and Enriched – doubling down on the company’s goal to integrate across stacks, from security testing tools, CMDBs, WAFs, runtime API security solutions, training, risk management systems, and development tools.

Apiiro technology partners can now seamlessly integrate into its Deep ASPM platform and leverage the unique context of Apiiro’s Risk Graph.

By enriching ingested findings with its deep code inventory and runtime context, Apiiro goes beyond shallow aggregation to:

  • Correlate, deduplicate, and prioritize findings based on their risk likelihood and impact, reducing time spent triaging risks.
  • Enrich risks with root cause and code owner intelligence, reducing time spent working with developers to remediate risks and improve mean time to remediation (MTTR).

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