376: Ilithya - Exotic Digital Access
  • Kangundo Road, Nairobi, Kenya
  • support@exoticdigitalaccess.co.ke
  • Opening Time : 07 AM - 10 PM
376: Ilithya

376: Ilithya

This week I got to speak with Ilithya, who put together some favorite Pens, some of which we actually manage to get to during the show 376: Ilithya. Like our chat with Lea Rosema, we really get into the magic of Shaders. Shaders are certainly of the web, but often feel extraordinary, giving off a “the web can do that?” kind of feeling. Check out: personal website, collaboration with Eliza Struthers-Jobin, shaders tutorial video with Alex Trost, NFTs.

Time Jumps

  • 00:25 Guest introduction
  • 02:13 How did you get into shaders?
  • 06:57 Where does a shader come in?
  • 10:18 Sponsor: Memberful
  • 11:29 The roar typo Pen
  • 16:20 3D polaroid Pen
  • 23:03 Collaborating on a Pen
  • 28:41 Thinking in layers
  • 31:04 The fear of coding and math
  • 36:45 What’s the minimum amount of code needed to start

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