17 Tips To Find Freelance Clients as a Web Developer | by Deon Ashleigh | Oct, 2023

So you can build a stable income

Not gonna lie, freelancing is tough.

In many cases, we walk out of our jobs picturing three-hour lunches, unlimited time to work on our dream projects, and no one perched on our shoulders reminding us to get the company’s work done. But, that’s not the reality.

Freelancing is tough.

You are the boss and employee. You must perch on your own shoulder and remind yourself to get your clients’ work done, keep a schedule, manage finances, and do a trillion other things.

There’s a lot to do, but it’s doable. And freeing. So freeing. Whatever schedule you set for yourself is perfectly made to maximize your life.

You can choose your work environment, tell your clients how much your life (i.e., hours) is worth, and work on projects you connect with.

But, let’s look at a few things to do before you dive into pitching.

Technically, you can start pitching clients before doing these four things but having them ready beforehand will help a lot.

  1. A fantastic website or landing page. This is an awesome way to showcase your skills as soon as clients see your site. For example, Gift Egwuenu created a great portfolio to show off her web development articles and projects.
  2. Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your page so potential clients can find you through Google and other search engines. Google is crucial, as it handles more than 90% of the world’s searches. Yeah, that much!
  3. A professional social media presence. Starting with one platform is recommended. Preferably the one you’re most likely to be active on. I love Twitter. Not sure why though. Anyway, while you’re on there, get some likes on your work. The more likes, the more impressed your future clients will be.
  4. Business cards. When you’re meeting people in person, you want an easy way to give them your contact information. You can create and buy cards on Vistaprint, make some on Canva, or buy thick, glossy paper and print them. Get creative with it.

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