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15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)

15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)

According to research conducted on 2,000 Americans, half of the respondents are more likely to transact with the business after their logo recognition. 42% say that the logo is the brand’s personality, and 22% of respondents notice the logo first when they see a product. It signifies the importance of logos for branding, gaining attention, fostering loyalty, and more, for which businesses readily spend huge amounts of money.

British Petroleum spent $211,000,00 in 2010 for logo design, which is quite an expensive endeavor. Generally, businesses pay over $1500 for logo design, which is beyond the budget of small businesses as they don’t have a budget of more than $100 for logo design. Here, AI logo generator tools are the biggest savior that facilitates logo design creation within seconds for less than $100.

Even when your business is not ready to consider logo design for your business application, AI logo-generating tools provide logo design clues to designers that help create the best logo design. Are you interested in AI-powered logo design? We will walk you through an overview of AI logo generators, possible cases where you can use AI logo maker tools, and the list of the best AI logo generator tools to help you create a logo that signifies your business brand.

What is an AI Logo Generator?

AI logo creators are AI-powered applications that allow businesses to create logo designs in reduced time and cost. Using machine learning technology, logo generators analyze a logo’s pattern, color, typography, and other design elements and combine them with specified logo design criteria to create a new logo that businesses require.

Are AI Logo Generators right for your business?

AI logo generators are the best fit for certain businesses under different situations. Their capability to generate several logo designs in a few seconds is a boon for businesses. And a little customization makes them perfect for branding. Go through the situations when an AI logo generator benefits your business.

AI logo builders are capable of generating multiple logo designs wherein your business will definitely get a match for a logo that can show what you are looking for.

Require quick customization

Customization from a graphics designer takes time. Tools for AI logo design facilitate faster modifications in design to make the logo in-line with branding needs.

Need a logo at competitive rates

Businesses on a shoestring budget for design can initially consider AI logo generators that provide logo design at reasonable rates.

Want ‘easy-to-use’ factor

Having design experience is not essential for using AI logo generator tools. The tools help create and use logo design without much ado.

List of best AI Logo Generator Tools

AI logo generator tools combine business vision with logo design with the help of ML technology to provide the best logo design. The list of the best logo generators for logo design using Artificial Intelligence makes the search easier for finding the perfect one for your requirements. Therefore, we have curated the list of the best AI logo generator tools, free and paid, to help you find the best one required for your logo design.

Looka – the best free logo maker

15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)

Looka is an ultimate AI logo generator solution that helps design logos using the information provided by businesses. It includes the company name, industry, style, color, and fonts for the logo that business stakeholders like the most. Businesses can add slogans to display brand messages on the logo. The easy-to-use logo editor facilitates unlimited edits to create a perfect logo design.

In addition to human edits in logo design, the company logo maker also recommends changes that can help to improve logo design. The branding kit is provided under Looka’s umbrella and helps businesses get a complete marketing kit, from business cards to email signatures, as if a professional graphic designer designed it.

Key features of Looka

  • Non-design geeks can use the platform for logo design creation and get suggestions for its improvement.
  • Pre-trained Looka provides a visually attractive logo design of professional quality.
  • Businesses can generate unlimited logos for free, but downloading the created logo is premium.
  • Customizing logo design with limitless edits makes it possible to personalize the logo in sync with the business vision.
  • Enables branding collateral creation along with logo design to establish a strong brand presence.

Pricing: A logo maker using AI provides logo design for free, but downloading requires you to either pay a one-time fee of $20 or subscribe to the brand kit plan.

Logomaster– create your logo design

15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)

Looking to generate a logo using AI in a few minutes? Logomaster is a one-stop solution that uses AI to create a logo in 5 minutes with no design skills required. The AI logo maker requires businesses to enter a business name, industry, and style preferences, followed by using the right combination of colors, fonts, and icons.

The AI logo maker provides multiple logo designs that businesses can select and make necessary adjustments to create the exact logo that businesses are looking for. Logomaster provides a professional logo page that enables businesses to use logos online and in print. With resizeable vector files, AI logo design creation gets print-ready and used in brochures, templates, posters, and banners.

Logo design has become a great experience by using Logomaster with 15+ pre-made color palettes, 100+ icons, and over 100 templates, along with a click-and-drag option provided by a free AI logo generator.

Important features of Logomaster

  • The logo design process is quite simple and allows the designing of a logo in less than 5 minutes.
  • Several tools facilitate endless customization to create personalized logo designs.
  • Recently purchased logo design is used for commercial or non-commercial purposes without any royalties.
  • Provides a cost-effective pricing plan that starts at $39 annually and facilitates unlimited downloads.

Pricing: Businesses can create the best logo for free using LogoMaster, a popular AI logo generator. When the pixel-perfect logo design is ready, paying $39 as a one-time fee allows you to download the logo design.

Tailor Brands– making small business setup easier

15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)

The centralized platform helps craft unique logo designs and provides everything required for starting, managing, and growing the business. Businesses need to fill out a questionnaire including company name, logo style, icons, and fonts to get the logo in PNG or JPG format. With bespoke customization options, businesses can get an AI logo design and download one of the ten design options generated by the tailor brand tool.

Also, the business building platform provides tools to build websites, create digital business cards, and help with showing logos on branded merchandise to boost visibility. This way, AI logo designers not only generate logos but incorporate them in business cards, websites, flyers, and other marketing collateral.

Features of Tailor Brands Ltd

  • A simple interface ensures the creation of a unique logo design irrespective of designer knowledge.
  • Logo designs are not created with pre-made templates that ensure they are completely unique.
  • The platform is an all-in-one solution for consistent branding by incorporating logo design from business cards to social media assets.
  • Seamlessly integrate logos and other assets with social profiles that ensure consistent brand identity across all the channels.

Pricing: The logo maker facilitates free logo design using AI, and paid plans start at $2.5 per month, enabling accessing and downloading logos.


15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)

LogoAI is a free AI-powered logo maker that has helped around 1.5 billion businesses create more than 2 billion logo designs, just like a professional logo designer. With a great understanding of logo data and design practices, AI logo creator facilitates the designing of logos in all sizes and formats that businesses can download 24/7.

It’s a brand-building platform that allows businesses to create a logo design and other design-matching identities, such as posters, business cards, and templates that make visuals consistent everywhere. LogoAI automates brand promotion with social media content creation that’s covered within the brand package.

Businesses can activate a brand center with a single click, which acts as a central repository for all the brand content, be it social media content or visuals. It makes the content easily accessible and downloadable.

Features of LogoAI

  • Enable extensive customization options that help get the logo design that businesses are looking for.
  • Provide support for custom fonts that allow businesses to upload custom font files they want to use while building a logo.
  • Premium designer fix feature allows businesses to customize logo design with experienced logo designers.
  • A quick preview facilitates viewing the logo design before it is implemented or used in real-world applications.

Pricing: Businesses need to pay $29 at least once to conceptualize and download high-quality logo designs in a few clicks.

Brandmark– the most advanced AI logo design tool

15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)

Brandmark help businesses leave an indelible mark on the users. Following a comprehensive questionnaire, business can get their customized, professional logo. It starts with entering the business name, slogan, and keywords that describe the company and choosing one of the color styles.

For generating several logo designs, businesses can get ideas for colors, fonts, icons, and layouts that they can preview before saving the final logo design. After buying the package, the leading AI logo generator facilitates free customization and logo download in the preferred version, such as SVG, EPS, PNG, and PDF.

Features of BrandMark

  • Provide logo instantly with no more hassles of hiring designers.
  • Facilitate unlimited edits or adjustments for free, and even after purchase.
  • Full copyrights are provided to users regardless of logo design purpose, be it for commercial or personal projects.
  • Businesses need to buy the package only once to access logo design and branding tools.

Pricing: Three different packages are offered to businesses by BrandMark, including basic ($25), designer ($65), and enterprise ($175), which are distinct prices. The packages with one-time fees vary in tool accessibility.

Designs.AI– creative work done effortlessly

15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)

Designs.AI is an all-in-one platform that uses AI technology to help brands create their unique logo in just two minutes. The logo maker system analyzes business information and can generate thousands of logo designs in seconds. Intelligent suggestions for icons, fonts, and colors accompany the smarter and faster logo design process.

Businesses can create brand collateral such as social media logos, branded merchandise mockups, and others using a full brand identity package as the tool runs entirely on a browser, eliminating the need for external software installation. After creating the logo, necessary adjustments are viewed in real-time.

Features of Designs.AI

  • Provide 1000+ icons, fonts, colors, and brand kits to customize the logo.
  • Generate thousands of logo drafts in a few seconds and pay only for what you want.
  • Logo makers allow the creation of logos on multiple devices and browsers.
  • Businesses will get different sizes of logos required for social posting on various social platforms.

Pricing: At Designs.AI businesses can get started with Logo Maker using two pricing plans- a standard plan that requires paying $49 only once with limited features and a subscription plan that involves spending $19 every month to access a full range of tools.

DesignEvo– create custom logo designs!

15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)

DesignEvo helps to pave the path that millions of businesses use for creating compelling logo designs. One of the best AI tools to generate logos is free to use and brings logo design to real life in five minutes. The tool asks for a business name and slogan and then provides 10,000 template options that businesses can search using keywords and select the layout that meets their logo needs.

There are millions of vector-free icons, color schemas, and 100+ fonts in different styles, shapes, and backgrounds that businesses can choose to add uniqueness to the logo. The fast and easy-to-use logo creator helps build a brand with a top-quality logo that engineers brand identity. Logos are provided in multiple file formats followed by copyright ownership that enables the creation of them as brand assets.

Features of DesignEvo

  • Different types of logos are created, such as social media profile logos, brand logos, website logos, software logos, and more.
  • DesignEvo offers more than 10,000 templates of different categories that businesses can add in my favorite section.
  • Logo preview enables viewing how the changes made to logo design appear in real-time.
  • Several logo ideas and logo designing tips are shared to create a stunning logo structure with AI.

Pricing: DesignEvo provides two packages that include- a basic package at $24.99, which offers limited features, and a plus package at $49.99, facilitating unlimited customization using all resources available.

Logopony: Create Your Logo with AI in Seconds

15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)

Logopony is a modern business logo generator that leverages AI and ML technologies to build awesome logos. In place of using logo templates, AI logo maker is pre-trained to use the right combination of colors, layouts, fonts, and over 10 million icons for creating ageless logos. The tool starts by generating logo ideas when businesses provide the business name, and afterward, they pick their favorite logo idea.

Access to the logo editor allows fine-tuning logo design by customizing any detail of the logo. When logo design is downloaded with 30+ brand assets, they are ready to use for website, email, and social channels. What’s more? Partnerships with Vistaprint and Moo enable businesses to receive resizeable and print-ready files to get logos printed on stylish business cards or t-shirts.

Features of Logopony

  • One-time payment turns businesses into lifetime users of the tool that allows endless downloads and edits.
  • Instead of using logo templates, AI-powered tool is used to create and customize creative logos.
  • Logopony offers 50+ logo files for website and print, social branding kits, and more.
  • Printing partnership helps businesses get high-quality prints with next-day delivery in the USA/Europe.

Pricing: There are no subscriptions. At Logopony there are different packages offered at different costs, including a basic plan at $20 and a premium plan at $60.

15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)

Wix maker provides a suite of built-in solutions from logo maker to AI website builder to improve online presence. Wix logo generator makes logo creation effortless and faster beyond the capacity of human designers. Extensive customizations are feasible for AI-generated logos that enable unlimited editing of symbols.

The access to hundreds of font selections, 40 color palette combinations, and 100 monochrome icons allow getting a unique and professional logo format. Wix Maker supports uploading design assets provided by business clients and using them for logo design purposes. With an easy click-and-drag feature, businesses will have control over width, opacity, and others that help create logo design accurately.

Features of Wix Logo Maker

  • An array of options for colors, fonts, and layout allows the creation of personalized logos.
  • High-resolution logos are purchased for commercial use at competitive rates.
  • Businesses on a limited budget can opt for a low-resolution logo download, which is available for free.
  • The all-in-one solution makes it easy to integrate logo design into websites.

Pricing: Low-resolution logo design is downloaded for free at Wix Logo Maker. For a high-quality logo, a business needs to pay $49 to get access to all design assets and resources.

Designhill.com– create a modern logo online

15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)

Designhill is the best AI logo generator, and it is used by 10 million businesses globally to create a solid brand identity with stunning logo design. The logo creator facilitates creating a logo by knowing business preferences for logo configuration, including fonts, color palettes, icons, and templates. A pre-built library of templates and fonts is provided to make the customization easier.

Additionally, the AI logo builder is also used to enable personalizing logos with color gradient adjustment, shape addition, layout modification, and font change without design skills. When businesses are finally satisfied with the design of the logo, choose the relevant file format before buying the package to download it. Businesses can scale by using logos consistently across various marketing channels.

Features of Designhill

  • An in-built library of 100+ logo templates provides innovative ideas and inspires designers to create the best logo design creation.
  • The latest tool-branding kit makes all the design assets accessible from one place.
  • The logo maker offers unlimited logo ideas, high-resolution logo files, and print-ready designs.
  • The downloaded logo comes with brand guidelines that make future edits simpler.

Pricing: An artificially intelligent logo maker allows businesses to grow online by selecting one of the three packages- basic ($20), premium ($65), and enterprise ($150) for logo creation at Designhill.

Namecheap Logo Maker– the logo creation tool for personal and business use

15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)

The Namecheap logo maker is a part of visuals, which is a suite of Namecheap’s design tools. It’s helping SMBs and freelancers to design different design elements, from logo design to website design, required for building a strong brand identity. The free logo maker is a unique design wizard that allows businesses to select a color schema, font, icon, and style for their custom logo creation online.

Based on the provided information, Namecheap generates thousands of designs that businesses can select and download after buying the package. PNGs and SVG versions of the logo are downloaded for free, but other versions require buying premium packages. A library of professional logos that inspires designers and sparks new ideas for logo design is also shared.

Features of Namecheap logo maker

Extensive customization provides 100% control over logo design.

  • Infinite combinations of color palettes, fonts, and icons through AI tools enable the creation of unlimited logos.
  • Previewing logos on business marketing material such as websites, business cards, and t-shirts is feasible.
  • Logo designs, such as banners, flyers, profiles, and others, are created in all sizes so that they fit all needs.

Pricing: Namecheap logo maker is a free logo maker with no hidden costs that helps to create a custom logo design online.

Fiverr logo Maker

15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)

Skipping the time-consuming back-and-forth process of logo design, the AI-backed platform enables businesses to get the logos in minutes after answering a few questions about the business. Fiverr logo maker provides a wide selection of logo designs created by Fiverr designers that businesses can customize according to their logo-specific preferences.

With a simple-to-use editing tool, colors, layout, shape, and background are customized. Also, the well-known AI logo maker allows businesses to make a professional logo with the ability to request a Fiverr designer to add a professional touch to it. Still, if the business is not happy with the logo design, they can save it and get back to redesigning later on.

Features of Fiverr Logo Maker

  • Provide high-quality 20+ logo files in different formats that businesses can purchase as per their need for logo design.
  • Ensure timeless logo creation, combining the power of AI technology and human designers.
  • User-friendly editors allow businesses to play with color, shape, layout, and more for free.
  • Offers versatility by allowing logo usage across different platforms and brand assets.

Pricing: Businesses can explore unlimited logos for free at Fiverr Logo Maker. Choosing one of three packages- Essential package at $30, professional package at $60, and complete package at $90 helps businesses boost their brand.


15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)

Brandcrowd logo maker helps generate, customize, and download logo designs effortlessly. Businesses can start a logo design journey by browsing thousands of logos generated by AI logo generators and can refine search by entering specific keywords. After finding a logo format that suits the business, they can adjust the spacing of the design, add gradient colors, use bold typography, and more to get the brand message right.

BrandCrowd facilitates instant downloading of logo design files wherein PNG and JPG files are provided for the website, and SVG and PDF are offered for print. An irrevocable license is provided to use the logo anywhere, anytime. In addition to handcrafted logo design, social media images, business cards, and banners are created and customized using design editors provided by the design tool.

Features of BrandCrowd

  • Generate thousands of AI logo designs online for all the industry verticals in a matter of seconds.
  • Search for logos is refined using business-specific keywords.
  • The intuitive interface makes logo design creation and customization straightforward and easier.
  • A complete suite that offers various design tools to build an entire brand.

Pricing: BrandCrowd offers a free plan to get hundreds of variations for logo design. There are standard logo packs at $9 per month and premium logo packs at $60 per month, facilitating logo download in the preferred versions.


15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)

Looking to launch your brand and have a logo creation idea? LogoMaker is an AI business logo generator that can turn this idea into reality in a few steps. Just create, edit, and save logo design the way more than 40 million businesses trust the tool. With a three-page questionnaire, enter your business name, apply filters, browse personalized logo designs, and modify the logo design. Unless it gets perfect for business, the logo is ready for download.

The user-friendly editor facilitates necessary customization with no glitches that give the feel of a logo designer. The tool lends a hand in fostering brand recognition with promotional products, establishing an online presence with a template website builder, and expanding the network with business card creation.

Features of LogoMaker

  • 1000’s logo designs that businesses can explore and choose to find the best design to fine-tune their business.
  • There are no hidden charges for using logo design on websites, promotional products, and business cards.
  • Unlimited edits turn the logo design idea into a beautiful reality.

Pricing: LogoMaker is a free online logo creator with a user-friendly editor available to create a professional logo design in minutes.


15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)

Canva’s free AI logo maker transformed the daunting task of logo design into an easy and quick job. It provides all the ingredients from creation and customization to package buying and downloading that make logo design stunning. Canva starts logo design by browsing a massive library of templates to find the right layout and then customization to tweak everything that ensures logo design is truly on brand.

With the combination of millions of photos, icons, illustrations, fonts, and text, businesses get a logo that reflects businesses. The simple drag-and-drop, image flip, animation, and photo filter tools allow businesses to get more creative. Finally, the logo design is ready to use and share on different channels.

Features of Canva

  • Designer-approved color combinations allow businesses to set the mood using the right colors.
  • Make the logo memorable with an image that captures the brand’s essence. The huge collection of icons and illustrations helps in making the image iconic.
  • Provides different file formats (PNG, SVG, PDF, and JPG) and backgrounds (transparent and colorful) that allow the use of logo design everywhere without resolution issues.
  • Logo makers enable collaboration with business staff in real-time to make the right decision regarding logo design.

Pricing: Canva is free and it allows individuals to design anything at no cost, but when access to premium tools is required, the Canva Pro package needs to be purchased at $119.19. When businesses are looking for a Canva version for team collaboration, it’s available at $300 for five people.

The bottom line

A comprehensive AI logo generator tool eliminated the need to build a team of graphic designers to create an awesome logo design. The best AI logo generators are pre-trained using AI technology and logo designs to use the right combination of millions of icons, fonts, color schemas, and others to create the best design. With the list of hundreds of AI logo creators, identifying the one for creating visual identity is tricky. Therefore we have curated a list of AI logo generators, along with their unique features, help decide which AI tool is the best.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding AI logo Maker

All AI logo generators have their pros and cons that make them a perfect fit for unique business conditions. Compare the strengths and weaknesses of every tool to find the best.

Every AI logo generator provides a questionnaire that businesses need to complete to get the logos as per their preferences. It includes entering the company name, industry, and slogan and then selecting a layout, font, colour, and illustrations. Businesses can also consider readymade templates and make changes to get logos that reflect the brand. Finally, the saved logo design is downloaded in the preferred version after buying the package, if required.

Copyright of the multimedia content applies only when human designers create it. So, AI-generated logos won’t get copyright protection.

15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)15 Best AI Logo Generators in 2024 (Must Try)

  |  Jan 9, 2024

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