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How to embed Taskade on your website

How to embed Taskade on your website

Learn how to embed a Taskade project into a website or blog to simplify your workflow.

How to embed Taskade on your website
Image: Luke Peters/Unsplash

If you use Taskade as a project management tool, and you happen to have a website team members use, you might want to combine those two to make the workflow even easier. That’s the goal, right? To work smarter, not harder? You’ll be happy to know that Taskade makes it possible to embed an entire project into your website so that there’s only one point of entry for all your team’s needs.

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I want to show you how easy it is to do this so everyone is literally on the same page. This will also make it possible for you to share your project with those who aren’t on the team, as you might have stakeholders who need to check on the project’s progress but to whom you don’t want to give direct access.

What you’ll need to embed a Taskade project into your website

To make this work, you’ll need three things: A valid Taskade account, a Taskade project and a website to add the embed code. That’s it.

How to locate the embed code in Taskade

Log into your Taskade account, then navigate to the project you want to embed and click the Share icon near the top right of the window (Figure A).

Figure A

How to embed Taskade on your website
The Share icon within a Taskade project.

In the resulting pop-up menu (Figure B), click Invite To Project.

Figure B

How to embed Taskade on your website
The next pop-up menu on your way to the embed code.

In the new window (Figure C), click the Embed tab.

Figure C

How to embed Taskade on your website
From this window, you have several sharing options.

In the embed tab, you’ll be presented with a link you can use for your website (Figure D).

Figure D

How to embed Taskade on your website
The embed code is displayed by Taskade’s share feature.

One thing you might want to modify is the height and width of the embed code. By default, it’s set to 100% width and a 400 pixel height. You don’t have to modify those numbers now. I suggest you keep the embed code as-is and then make the modifications after you see how it looks on your website.

Next, click Copy Embed Code to copy it to your clipboard. With that embed code at the ready, go to your website and find a page to add the code. For example, if your site is powered by WordPress, you’ll add a custom HTML block and paste the code into it. As you can see (Figure E), you get an instant preview of what the project will look like in a WordPress post.

Figure E

How to embed Taskade on your website
My project has been successfully embedded into a WordPress post.


That’s all there is to it. You can now easily embed a Taskade project or workspace into your company website to simplify your team’s workflow.

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