Vulnerability assessment

Vulnerability assessment

Vulnerability assessment is a systematic review of applications, computer systems and networks to determine if there are any weaknesses and the risks these weaknesses may pose to the organisation. Once identified, these weaknesses are then classified according to severity and mitigations are recommended.

A vulnerability report is then generated which can the be used to fix the gaps in your company’s network security.

  • Types of vulnerability assessments
  • Security scanning process
  • Vulnerability assessment tools

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A variety of methodologies, tools and scanners are used to search for new and existing threats in your organisation's system or network. - Database scans are used on a database - Wireless network scans are used on an organisation's wireless network infrastructure to search for rogue access points and ensure the network is properly configured. -Application scans check for incorrect configuration in networks and web applications as well as vulnerabilities in software. -Host-based scans are done on network hosts, servers and work stations -Network-based scans detect network security threats and vulnerable systems in wired and wireless networks.
- Vulnerability identification: Our security analysts will test your systems, applications and servers and come up with a list of threats. - Vulnerability analysis: This identifies the source and root cause of security threats - Risk assessment: Vulnerabilities are then prioritized based on their severity. - Mitigation: Security gaps are closed by introducing new security measures, updating configuration changes, and implementing a vulnerability patch.
Vulnerability assessments are done with the help of scanners geared towards different types of vulnerability assessments. Small business can use a single scanner for all these assessments but for larger organisations it is advisable to combine multiple scanners to achieve the best results.

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