Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development

Our team will help you turn your vision to reality. We will create a website that captures the essence of your organisation, helping you to stand out in your industry.

We specialise in:

  • Static website design
  • Dynamic website design
  • Responsive website design
  • Mobile-optimized websites
  • e-Commerce development

The digital experts

Static websites are the most basic of websites. Their layout is fixed i.e. unchanging. It has a fixed number of pages and the content on each page remains the same with each visit. User interaction on a static website involves reading content, filling in forms, and clicking hyperlinks. Static websites are best suited for small websites or sites that are intended for short-term use. Their main purpose of a static website is to inform users.
A dynamic website allows users to interact with the information on each page. It has elements that are interactive, functional and continuously changing. Content on a dynamic website is generated and displayed based on the users actions on the page. Advantages of a dynamic website: - They are easier to maintain in the long run - You can expand them with extra functionality - Data management is more efficient
A responsive website is one which is completely flexible regardless of the device or browser being used. This type of website orientates itself depending on the size of the screen. A responsive website is best suited for users who interact with your website on a mobile device and who make purchases on the go.
A mobile-optimized website is one that responds to a variety of handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Content and images are reformatted to enable the website to engage a mobile audience. A mobile-optimized website allows users to easily navigate and engage with the website on their mobile devices.
An e-Commerce website is one where there is a transaction of goods and services over the internet. This can be done: -B2B i.e business to business -B2C i.e. business to consumer -C2C i.e. consumer to consumer - C2B i.e consumer to business

First-rate services

Exotic Digital Access is a web design, management and security company offering first-class services.

We take the time to understand our clients’ needs as well as their customers needs while offering experienced advice so as to create a website that captures these needs.

Our web security services ensure that your website is hacker-proof and your information is safe.

Upon initiating work with us, we will walk with you through the process from conceptualization to execution of the project. Our dedicated team will ensure that you see the outcome, you are satisfied.


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