Web Speed Optimization

Web speed optimization

In this digital age, how fast your website loads can make or break your reputation as a company. Your website is the first contact many potential clients have with your organisation. Thus, it’s important to ensure that they have an excellent user experience.

Ensure you have a high-performance website by ensuring there is no lag when loading pages. Our web speed optimization service will rid your website of slow speeds ensuring your clients make purchases, can engage with you, and keep coming back.

  • Benefits of web speed optimization
  • Assessing your website’s speed
  • Increasing your website’s speed

The digital experts

With more and more people embracing the internet, it's paramount to ensure your internet presence appeals to your customers. This means giving them an experience that favours accessibility and speed. When your web pages load in the least time possible, customers can access the information they want when they want it. This will ensure that your conversion rate is high i.e. users do what you want them to do like make a purchase or request a service. When it comes to search engine ranking, a website with low loading time will rank higher. This guarantees that customers will find you easily and opt for your goods/services rather than those of your competitors. Another benefit of web speed optimization is customer loyalty. When customers can interact with your website easily, e.g. make a purchase, subscribe or opt out of ads, they are sure to stay longer and keep coming back.
This is the first step in web speed optimization. Our experienced team will first assess how long it takes your website to load. They will then identify problem areas i.e. what slows your site down. Once this is done, they will take note of your goals as far as your digital space is concerned and thereafter, suggest the best course of action to getting you website's speed to an optimum.
One effective way to optimize your website's speed is by hosting your site on set of web servers known as a Content Delivery Network. This will ensure that when users log into your site, they are redirected to the server nearest their location. This reduces the rate of demand on your server, if you host your website on one server, and ensures that your website loads quickly every time. Reducing image size will also reduce load time as will reducing the number of plugins, and amount of JavaScript and CSS used. Other ways to optimize website speed is by moving your website to a better host, database optimization, website caching, getting rid of 404 errors, reducing redirects and using prefetching techniques.
This includes creating suitable content for your website, blogs and social media pages. This content should represent what your brand stands for and communicate with your clients.

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Exotic Digital Access is a web design, management and security company offering first-class services.

We take the time to understand our clients’ needs as well as their customers needs while offering experienced advice so as to create a website that captures these needs.

Our web security services ensure that your website is hacker-proof and your information is safe.

Upon initiating work with us, we will walk with you through the process from conceptualization to execution of the project. Our dedicated team will ensure that you see the outcome, you are satisfied.


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