Video Surveillance

Video surveillance

Video surveillance is the process of monitoring territory, situations and activities. It involves identifying areas of concern and monitoring those areas.

Video surveillance is commonly used for loss prevention, facility protection, operations monitoring, perimeter security and remote video monitoring.

  • CCTV installation
  • GPS tracking
  • Nanny cams

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CCTV is a combination of equipment and software used in surveillance. Installing CCTV surveillance helps in recording offences and also deter them. They can be applied in the interior and exterior of buildings and work 24 hours. You can set the cameras to record when there is movement or at specific times during the day. CCTV cameras can be analog i.e. low resolution requiring seperate manual connections to the recording device and power source. They can also be digital i.e. have a higher resolution image and use one cable to connect to the recording device and power source. CCTV cameras are available as: Internal / External Dome Cameras, PTZ Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras, Discreet Cameras, Bullet Cameras, Thermal Image / Infrared Cameras, ANPR/LPR Cameras, High Definition Cameras.
GPS tracking is the process of using satellites and GPS tracking devices to monitor the exact location of a person or an object. A GPS tracking device has a GPS receiver and a component to record or transmit a live location at regular intervals. GPS tracking can be used to keep an eye on vehicles, family members (children, elderly, spouse), and fleet management.
A nanny cam is a hidden camera placed in a strategic parts of your home to monitor what the nanny is doing. A nanny cam is usually hidden in plain sight for instance in a clock, mirror, stuffed animal, painting or baby monitor.

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