School Management System

School management system

A school management system provides educational institutions with 360 degree experience for teaching staff, management, students and parents.

Although a school management system can cover all the aspect of running a school, its size, scope and capabilities may vary. They may solely cover student information or include other managerial aspects such as staff management and e-learning.


  • Components of a school management system
  • Learning management system
  • Advantages of school management system

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A school management system contains different modules that support the various functions of the institution. These modules include inquiry and admission, student management, attendance management, fee and finance management, learning management, academic management, resource management, communication, certificate and report card, HR and staff management, reports and analysis.
Through a learning management system, an instructor is able to deliver materials to students, manage tests, monitor students progress and maintain accurate records. A learning management system manages and provides educational content, handles student enrollment, e-course administration, and student assessment and tracking. They can be used for both online learning and mixed learning. Learning management systems can work alongside training management systems and a learning record store which stores and tracks learning data. While a learning management system focuses on learning and teaching, a school management system keeps organizational and structural information as well as student and staff data. Combining the two will provide your institution with a more comprehensive system.
A school management system improves overall performance and productivity since less time is spent in tracking down records. All necessary records are kept in a centralized location, making them easily accessible. Accuracy of information is also guaranteed. The system can be accessed from anywhere making retrieving information for various stakeholders fast and easy. Communication costs are decreased since all the information is available on the system. All one needs is internet access. Improved parent involvement is guaranteed as parents have access to student information and keep track of the happenings at the school. With the automation of processes and reduced workload, management can focus on increasing student enrolment and teachers can focus on providing high quality education.

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