Hospital Management System

Hospital management system

A hospital management system (HMS) automates the different functions of  your medical facility, unifying and simplifying them, making them cost-effective and more efficient.

It brings together the different workflows in the clinic or hospital such as administrative, medical, legal, and financial.

  • Components of hospital management system
  • Patient system workflow
  • System security
  • Advantages of hospital management system

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A hospital management system includes different modules designed to meet the needs of your facility: Patient management controls patient flow i.e. registration, reason for visit, access to medical history and reports. Appointment scheduling ensures there are specialists in the facility to meet patients' needs. Facility management module monitors documentation, availability of rooms and occupancy. Inventory management module automates the supply chain of the clinic's inventory, showing what's available and ensuring orders are made before supply runs out. Staff management module provides human resource management from maintaining up-to-date staff records, tracking recruitment and updating hospital structure. Accounting module organizes facility and patient finances. It shows patient payment details, hospital finances including payroll, expenses and profits. Insurance module keeps record of patient's insurance details. Medicine management module lists the types of medication used for various ailments. Lab management module contains test results for each patient for easy access. Report module provides detailed information on the functioning of the system. It shows the problematic aspects and those that are running smoothly.
Patient registration. Scheduling of appointment. Insurance plan and available services under plan. Visit to the doctor - access to patient records. Laboratory tests - transfer of information between lab and doctor. Doctor - digitized patient records. Diagnosis - supply chain, accounting and insurance. Treatment - digitized patient records. Patient monitoring.
A good HMS ensures patient records are protected and accessible to specific users. Admin, doctors, receptionists and patients have different roles and responsibilities and thus have access to different details and services.
Digitized medical records make accessing a patient's records easier. Doctors can access a patient's medical history, test results, and treatment. Doctors and patients get to spend more time on the consultation since the process is automated and faster. This ensures better patient experience. Your facility will be able to process insurance claims bringing profits to the organization since many people now use medical insurance. Improved process give a better user experience for both the staff and customer. Although every staff member/department is in-charge of one function, information can be shared between users making the workflow faster and access to information easier. With a HMS, authorities are better able to manage the facility i.e. monitoring supplies and resources, analyze staff, and finances.

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