Spam Protection

Spam protection

Spam is any kind of unwanted, unsolicited, digital communication that is sent out enmasse.

Spam protection is the process of using spam detection tools to manage digital communication, protecting you from unwanted messages. These tools detects unwanted, unfiltered, virus-laden messages and stops them from getting into your inbox.

Spam protection is usually applied to both inbound and outbound messages.

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Phishing emails are sent out to trick people into revealing sensitive information like passwords and bank details. Email spoofing refers to imitating an email from a legitimate sender (often a well-known company or person) to illicit some form of action such as request for payment, account verification, update billing information, etc. Malware spam are messages that deliver malware onto your device when you click on a link or open an email attachment. Tech support scams alert you that you have a technical problem and should contact tech support for help. These messages often mimic branding of a large corporation and come with a phone number or link that you should click on. Advance fee scams promise a large cash reward if you first make an advance payment. Current event scams use top news stories to scam people of vital information such as bank details. Spam calls and texts are unwanted phone calls and messages sent by unknown persons or corporations.
Spam emails fill up mail boxes, affect server performance, wastes bandwidth and uses up hard disk space and memory. They waste employees' time as they stop their work to check their. Spam mails also pause a danger to the employee and organisation as clicking links or downloading attachments could infect devices with malware.
Learn to spot phishing emails by verifying email addresses, looking out for missing personal information, malicious links, too-good-to-be-true offers and suspicious attachments. Report spam that make it through to your inbox. Use two-factor authentication. Install good cybersecurity software that will recognize malware and prevent it from damaging your network or system.

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