Database security & server protection

Database security & server protection

Database security involves controls, tools and measures used to protect the database management system ensuring confidentiality, availability and integrity.

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Database security helps to establish and preserve the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of a company's database. The controls used in database security include security monitoring, system access and hardening and DBMS configuration. Securing your database helps protect the confidentiality of your clients, preserve your brand's reputation, ensure compliance to global regulations and business continuity as well as reduce the cost of dealing with security breaches.
Servers host files, power the internet and run email systems. They are thus a common target of cyber criminals making it important to ensure your servers are always protected. Server protection looks at issues such as suitable passwords, open network ports, old software or operating systems, unused accounts and poor physical security. Secure server hardening will give your server maximum protection. This includes the use of VPNs, SSL/TLS, an up-to-date operating system and use of a secure connection.
Cloud storage is a service that stores data on the internet. Cloud security refers to controls, policies, technologies and procedures put in place to protect data, infrastructure and systems that are stored in the cloud. Efficient cloud security measures should protect you from targeted attacks, breaches and data leaks. This will protect cloud data, protect customers' privacy and support compliance. Some cloud security measures you can take include authenticating users and controlling who has access to what. Cloud security will help reduce overall costs of hardware, easy access to data and applications, and provides streamlined (and centralized) protection to your company's digital ecosystem.

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