New infosec products of the week: November 25, 2022

Here’s a look at the most interesting products from the past week, featuring releases from Solvo, Sonrai Security, and Spring Labs.

infosec products November 2022

Sonrai Risk Insights Engine empowers security teams to reduce impact of exploits

Sonrai Security releases Risk Insights Engine which lets developer and security teams control the chaos in both their organizations and their multicloud environments, minimizing lateral movement that leads to data theft. The platform recommends goals based on multiple factors, including the intended use of an environment (development, staging, production, etc.), presence of sensitive data (e.g., PII), and the maturity of the team responsible for it.

infosec products November 2022

Solvo Data Posture Manager protects organizations using public cloud services from data leakage and breaches

Data Posture Manager delivers enhanced visibility into users and cloud components that have access to sensitive data, alerting organizations to excessive or newly-granted privileges and enabling one-click, real-time remediation of security policy violations, ultimately helping security teams combat overload, fatigue, and lack of resources.

infosec products November 2022

Spring Labs TrueZero enables companies to exchange sensitive data without revealing PII

TrueZero authenticates account information and cuts vendor due diligence times by up to 50%. The service also replaces business’s sensitive information with non-sensitive data called tokens to allow businesses to share data with third parties without sending any PII.

infosec products November 2022

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