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Free AI App Builders To Look in 2024

Quick Summary: Are you searching for no-code AI app builders to create high-quality apps for your business? You must be looking for a free, fair, and quality-driven AI app maker who can help you turn your app ideas into real products. You can find many AI app builders out there in the tech arena, but how do you ensure that the AI tool you select for building your app is a good choice, given the kind of app you need? We have a solution for you as we have reviewed some of the top AI app makers, which are potentially good for creating apps for different types. Explore them and choose the one that fits your app development requirements.

Now, the world is going AI, engulfing everything into its effect, and modern app development is no different. It’s not just responding but creating outstanding apps written in clean codes, intuitive interfaces, and exceptionally sculpted user experience. History in the making with quality-driven AI app builders, canvasing impossibility into possibility, transforming every aspect of traditional app development. This is the story about AI app creators, their features, and how they turn your app ideas into real products.

In this article, we have reviewed and analyzed top free AI app builders and explored how you can turn app ideas into real products. However, you have various other information to consume, such as;

  • What is an AI App Builder?
  • Benefits of AI App Maker
  • The Top Free AI App Creators
  • How to Build an App with No-Code AI App Builder?

We discussed all these points in detail, so you stay informed comprehensively and squeeze all offerings that the latest invention has to offer. Let’s begin with the basics first.

What Is an AI App Builder?

An AI app builder is a technological tool that is used to create a customized app according to one’s choice. With an AI app builder, one can generate an app without having to know programming languages or coding. It is very useful for people who have no background in coding, as AI-powered platforms for developing apps do things for them. In simple words, we can say that they have bridged the gap between humans and computers as you can just tell the things you want in your app, and it will provide you as per your prompt.

Most AI app makers are no-code app-building platforms, while others are low-code. 

What are the Benefits of AI App Maker?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has proved very beneficial globally as people with their imagination and create apps in no time. Just enter the ideas for your app, what you want it for, its industry, and theme/template choice, and your app is ready. It has also cut off the cost of companies to hire technical professionals and an entire team just for app building and designing. You can even add interesting features to your app, like virtual assistants, facial recognition, predictive analytics, machine learning models, sentiment analysis, personalization, etc., all thanks to these AI app builders.

Apart from these, AI has many pre-built modules and tools such as user-friendly and highly responsive interfaces, UX navigation, Camera integration, privacy controls, Gamification elements, Accessibility features, Search and navigation, Social integration, Cross-platform compatibility, Security measures, and others. These elements make AI app builders beneficial for startups and enterprises. But there’s more that modern AI-powered app builder has to offer. Let’s explore.

Reduces Time

With AI app builders, developers can save up to 90% of the time needed for standard applications. They automate code creation, which they have to write frequently. Besides, they can automate various other processes, including designing and creating features and functionalities. Apart from the thesis, there are app builders powered by AI that can develop apps just by writing prompts.

Eliminates App Development Complexities

AI streamlines the building process, which can reduce the complexities that developers face during app development. AI app development companies use the tool to automate processes, keep them collaborative, and build quality and highly efficient applications.

Optimizes Workflows

In app development, efficiency and productivity are two crucial things that many companies struggle to achieve. With AI app creators, developers effectively execute app development workflows. While AI-driven automation eliminates the need for repetitive tasks, AI in the development process can streamline operations while offering quality-driven work productivity.

App Customization

Traditionally, app customization was a matter of rigorous hard work, research, and trends; now, it’s a piece of the case. AI does this beautifully. Give a good prompt and let AI app makers customize the app as per your needs.

The 7 Best AI-powered App Builders of 2024

The years 2023 and 2024 are the years of inventions as the tech space has witnessed some of the great advancements in AI technologies, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Gemini, and more. They have given a new wave of app development, helping people turn their AI app ideas into real products using OpenAI. It is revolutionizing everything around, and app development is just one of them. So, we have reviewed and analyzed some of the top AI app builders, just like we do with every app development company, before listing them on our platform.

  • Softr
  • Fliplet
  • AppyPie
  • Microsoft PowerApps
  • Google AI App Builder
  • Quickbase
  • Pico AI App Builder

Softr AI App Builder

Do you want to create an app without coding? Softr AI should be your choice for making a wide variety of applications, including membership platforms, directories, tools for internal applications, portals, and more. AI developers with experience can use this no-code AI app builder and create outstanding applications with AI-generated designs, stunning themes, code, and data.

Important Features of Softr AI App Builder

  • Pre-built building blocks, like Lists, Calendars, Tables, Maps, Forms, Charts, and more.
  • Drag and drop to help you build your own app without requiring you to hire experienced AI developers.
  • Connect to any data sources, such as Airtable, Google Sheets, HubSpot, etc., and this tool can bring those data to life.
  • Define permissions and access, ensuring only the authorized person has access to view, edit, and receive information from the app.
  • Integrate with existing workflows, such as Google Analytics, Stripe, Hotjar, Mailchimp, etc.

Fliplet AI App Builder

Do you want to build high-quality and scalable websites and mobile applications within the budget? Fliplet AI app builder can help you create the apps you need for your business. The app builder powered by AI offers interactive and engaging apps that work across all devices. It’s a low-code AI app builder that helps developers create beautiful apps without having to code rigorously.

Important Features of Fliplet AI

  • Drag-and-drop features to create a customized interface
  • Pre-built templates and components to help you build apps with custom feel and look
  • Various in-built components, like Forms, Lists, Maps, Charts, etc.
  • Ability to add static content like text, images, and documents
  • Integrate with existing databases, APIs, and files.

AppyPie, the Best No Code AI App Builder

AppyPie is the best AI app builder for startups, helping them showcase their business and products to customers online. It allows companies to save money on app development and hire experienced app developers. For example, developers with low or minimal experience can build apps using AppyPie AI App Builder.

Important Features of AppyPie

  • App builder to create apps for Android and iOS platforms
  • PWA support available
  • Workflow automation feature
  • Quick to design graphics
  • Quick to build help desk software

Microsoft PowerApps

Microsoft PowerApps is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that enables AI builders to create outstanding features for the app without extensive coding. From object detection and sentiment analysis to text recognition and user behavior analysis, this AI builder is capable of adding intelligent features to the app without any hassle.

Important Features of PowerApps

  • With the app development feature, users can create outstanding apps quickly and customize the app creation process.
  • Drag-and-drop feature to help developers easily create app functionalities without coding.
  • AI capabilities make the builder capable of integrating smart features like objects, detection, text, recognition, and more.

Google AI App Builder

Google offers Gen App Builder, which helps startups create search and conversational apps using generative AI. With Gen App Builder, developers with zero experience can develop apps as it offers step-by-step orchestration of search applications. It comes with inbuilt workflows, such as onboarding, data ingestion, customization, and more.

Important Features of Google’s Gen App Builder

  • Quickly build high-quality apps with no-code conversational and search tools.
  • Foundation models allow enterprises to build smart apps that understand users, bring the right information, and more.
  • With the app maker powered by Google’s Gen AI, developers can create apps that respond to users with images and video apart from text.


Quickbase is a free program and app-building platform that allows users to develop apps quickly without writing extensive code. It is useful for creating apps that help streamline business workflows and strategize operations. The crucial part of the AI app maker is it can be used by people who aren’t coders or app engineers.

Important Features of Quickbase

  • No code visual builder to help create stunning interfaces and build apps without having to write the program.
  • AI capabilities that integrate tables and fields.
  • Data processing to help organizations process data.
  • Forms and reports, allowing users to create reports using forms.

Pico AI App Builder

If you have a web app to build cost-effectively, Pico is the right choice for you. It helps you create simple yet stunning web apps without writing code. With 931 written code snippets, the AI app tool quickly builds the app you need. It is an app platform and one of the alternatives for entrepreneurs and consultants looking for AI app ideas using OpenAI ChatGPT. All you need to do is describe your app ideas, and Pico, with the help of GPT, handles the rest.

Important Features of Pico

  • Fully customizable after you get the first version of the app created by Pico.
  • ChatGPT API is accessible with MetaGPT and Chatbots apps for conversational purposes.
  • Drag and drop functionality to help create an app quickly.
  • Interactive elements in Pico help create intuitive and accessible apps for users of all skill levels.

How to Build an App with AI App Builder?

Building an app through AI is much easier than you think. Most AI app builders are based on no-code or low-code platforms. Both support faster development. While the former requires zero coding, the latter lets you avoid intense coding needs for app development. You just need to hire an AI development company to help you build apps using these platforms. If you are aware of basic programming, you may also choose not to hire any experts. By following the below steps you can create an app successfully:

Define Your Goal

Define what you want to build and whether it is no code or low code. Find the AI app builder that will be perfect for your projects. Be clear with your intentions for the creation of your app. Always know who your target audience is and what they want from your app. Focus on making the app customized and easier for their usage, especially the one that solves their problem.

Know the Trends

AI is evolving day in and day out. The AI market is set to grow beyond 184 billion U.S. dollars in 2024. However, the coming years are expected to witness staggering growth and are expected to race past 826 billion U.S. dollars in 2030. For app development, understanding AI trends, knowing its traits, and the kinds of inventions it is coming up with will help you stay future-ready and competitive.

AI Market Size WorldwideAI Market Size Worldwide

Pick Your Choice

Choose the AI app builder on which you will create your app. Read the description and features to find suitable app makers powered by AI. Keep in mind that it must be able to function properly on different devices, like Android, or iOS.

Choose Templates

AI application builders have a range of templates that you can customize according to your app needs. Select a template that best fits your tone and app environment. It will make the user more comfortable, less confused, and out of place.

Customize the App

Try to make it two-way. The customer should feel at least something that is personalized for him and not generic to everybody. Add features like a chatbot, recommendations according to their taste, and dashboards to show their progress and activities.

Test the App

Using AI tools, you can automate testing, but ensure you check it from your end. Test it yourself to see if the app is functioning properly. Make your network and your closest ones use it first to see the initial response and how much your server can handle. Try to improve as much as you can to make a good first impression.

Launch Your App

Finally, launch your app once you are done with testing and bug fixing. Make sure to receive feedback and improve on it continuously. Also, try to keep up with the market trends and what’s new to remain relevant.

Choose the Best AI App Builder!

App builders is not a new term; it has been in the development space for around a decade. However, with the advent of AI, these tools are in huge demand. People are exploring potential AI app builders and searching for AI development companies that can help them build high-performing and scalable apps for their businesses. TopDevelopers.co enables you to find the best company with vetted resources, experience, and expertise. Explore this guide for top AI app builders. Choose the AI experts after examining their project portfolios, hourly rates, and client reviews.

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