382: Bulk Actions for Assets

CodePen will host your assets, like images, data models, libraries, whatever. It’s quite useful! They are easy to browse, easy to copy URLs or code snippets of usage, served with the right headers from a fast global CDN, and heck, we’ll even help optimize them. It’s easy to amass a lof of them, as we allow you upload many at a time.

But while we had Bulk Upload, as it were, we didn’t offer any other “bulk” actions, until now. Stephen and I talk about how we added more bulk actions for assets, making them all the easier to manage. Shout out to our user with many thousands of assets which helped provide the motivation to get this out.

Time Jumps

  • 00:15 Topic introduction
  • 00:49 Side journeys that break through
  • 04:02 What is a bulk action?
  • 06:47 List view or grid view
  • 09:27 How many things need bulk actions?
  • 11:58 Sponsor: Memberful
  • 13:48 UI changes
  • 16:56 Individual files vs Pen API

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