If you believe a cyber incident is an imminent threat to life or of a criminal nature, please contact your local police services (911) or the RCMP. We encourage all victims to report cybercrime activities to law enforcement.

Report cybercrime and fraud to the Canadian Anti‑Fraud Centre if someone

  • is pretending to be you online
  • locked your computer or device and is demanding payment to unlock it
  • put malicious software or a virus on your computer
  • is blackmailing you or demanding you pay money
  • sent you updated banking details to ask you to send money
  • deceived you into purchasing something online, or into making a donation
  • sold you a product on a free trial basis with hidden recurring charges
  • tried to get you to provide confidential information by posing as a bank or other organization (phishing attempt)

 Continue reporting on the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website

Report to the local police if

  • someone is bullying, harassing, or exploiting you sexually online
  • you have concerns about international crime or serious violence

 Visit your local law enforcement’s website or call 911

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