Number: AV22-260
Date: 10 May 2022

On 10 May 2022 Siemens published Security Advisories to address vulnerabilities in multiple products. Included were critical updates for the following:

  • Desigo DXR2 – versions prior to V01.21.142.5-22
  • Desigo PXC3 – versions prior to V01.21.142.4-18
  • Desigo PXC4 – versions prior to V02.20.142.10-10884
  • Desigo PXC5 – versions prior to V02.20.142.10-10884
  • SICAM P850 – multiple versions and platforms
  • SICAM P855 – multiple versions and platforms

The Cyber Centre encourages users and administrators to review the provided web links, perform the suggested mitigations and apply the necessary updates.

Siemens Security Advisory (SSA-626968)

Siemens Security Advisory (SSA-165073)

Siemens Security Advisories


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