We protect

We safeguard Canada with advanced cyber security capabilities. We defend cyber systems of importance, by deploying sophisticated cyber defence solutions informed by our unique advantage as part of the Communications Security Establishment. We defend Government of Canada networks and are the operational leader during cyber security events impacting the Government of Canada.

We inform

We provide trusted and authoritative cyber security advice and guidance for Canada. We do this through our advice and guidance publications and through the Get Cyber Safe public awareness campaign. We advise and assist other levels of government and the operators of Canada’s critical infrastructure, such as banks, telecommunications companies and other companies that are essential for the functioning of our society and economy.

We empower

We strengthen Canada’s cyber security capacity through collaboration, innovation and partnerships. We develop and share specialized cyber defence technologies and tools resulting in better cyber security for all Canadians. Our skilled, talented employees draw on their expertise and experience to create cyber security tools that make Canada a leader in this field. We share our technology with partners across the Canada, to help make the entire country stronger and more resilient during cyber events.

We work closely with:

  • government departments
  • provinces, territories, and municipalities
  • critical infrastructure
  • Canadian businesses
  • academics
  • international partners

We, as CERT-CA, are the National CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team), and the Government of Canada CIRT (Computer Incident Response Team), working in close collaboration with all levels of government, critical infrastructure, Canadian businesses and international partners to mitigate and respond to cyber events.

How we work

The Cyber Centre is open and collaborative. We welcome partnerships that help build a stronger, more resilient cyber space in Canada. We offer the shared use of unclassified, multi-purpose spaces, for the joint use of government, private industry, and academia.

With Government: We are the primary centralized authority and resource for senior leadership in Government on cyber security operational matters, including incident management, situational awareness, and technical advice and guidance. We defend Government of Canada cyber systems and respond to significant cyber security threats and incidents to reduce and mitigate harm to the federal government.

With external partners: We are the primary federal government point of contact on cyber security operational matters for external partners, including for incident response and coordination. We monitor the cyber security environment and use that understanding to identify, address, and share knowledge about systemic threats, risks and vulnerabilities. We actively collaborate with researchers, critical infrastructure organizations and academia on unclassified cyber security problems.

With law enforcement: We are the single authoritative source of technical cyber security expertise to support lead agencies in their policing, security and intelligence work. We work with the RCMP’s National Cybercrime Coordination Unit (NC3) as they counter cybercrime in Canada.

With Canadians: We lead the Get Cyber Safe public awareness campaign created to inform Canadians about cyber security and the simple steps they can take to protect themselves online.

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